Irregular Verbs…

Why do students hate that terrible list and are so reluctant to learn them? We have tried with a different and colourful activity.
Students have designed their own learning material and here is the final outcome:
  • First, they were assigned a verb form and given a sheet of paper. They were divided in three goups: infinitives,pasts and Past participles.
  • Second, they drew and coloured them. Some of them are quite creative and original. The main objective: To get used to them, to read them, write them and work in groups.
  • Third, students from blue class gave us a helping hand.They laminated all the cards so that they can be used and manipulated by all grades with no harm.


Now we can play cards and learn at the same time. According to students opinions, they feel happy and enthusiastic when playing and ….most important…they are learning!!


1 ESO, 2 ESO, 3 ESO, 4 ESO, Curso 16/17, ESO, Lenguas Extranjeras, Trabajos