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Environmental Week: Going Green

6 Ed.Primaria, Curso 14/15, Lenguas Extranjeras

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Guy Fawkes celebration at school

Catholic dissident Guy Fawkes and 12 co-conspirators spent months planning to blow up King James I of England during the opening of Parliament on November 5, 1605. But their assassination attempt was foiled the night before when Fawkes was discovered lurking in a cellar below the House of Lords next to 36 barrels of gunpowder. Londoners immediately began lighting bonfires in celebration that the plot had failed, and a few months later Parliament declared November 5 a public day of thanksgiving. Guy Fawkes Day, also known as Bonfire Night, has been around in one form or another ever since. Though originally anti-Catholic in tone, in recent times it has served mainly as an excuse to watch fireworks, make bonfires and burn Guy Fawkes effigies.

2 Ed.Primaria, 3 Ed.Primaria, Celebraciones, Curso 14/15, Educación Primaria, Lenguas Extranjeras, Trabajos

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Healthybreak Again

4 ESO, Actividad Cultural, Curso 13/14, Educación Especial, Educación Física, Educación Infantil, ESO, Lenguas Extranjeras

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